Dirty Dog offers you three ways to get the games you want.

Option #1 - Contract for Game Files

In Option #1 Dirty Dog will enter into an agreement with you to film specific games prior to game day. Dirty Dog will then film, edit and distribute a file to the team via a web download service, usually within 24 hours. This option is intended for team-wide distribution allowing all players and coaches unlimited access to the games.


$150 per game

If you explore Option #1, you will be able to provide all of the players and staff with a valuable teaching tool. This performance tool costs less than $10 per player per game, depending on roster size. The file can be uploaded to third-party entities such as Hudl or Hightail for further editing. Players and parents can also utilize this film to create your own recruitment videos. Files can be saved for personal memorabilia or as an end of the year banquet highlight reel when your team looks back at a successful season. We offer a 10% discount when you schedule 9 games or more.


Option #2 - Contract for DVDs

With Option #2 you make an agreement with Dirty Dog to film specific games in a similar manner to the above only in this case we deliver a DVD, complete with original jewel case graphics.


$150 per game. Price includes 4 DVDs

Additional DVD copies are $15 each

As in Option #1, the advantage of Option #2 is that Dirty Dog is committed to film this game for you. Our turnaround time to get the DVD in your hands is typically your next game, depending on the schedule and quantity. An advantage of this option is that you have a DVD in hand that can be easily shared with anyone with a DVD player. We offer a 10% discount when you schedule 9 games or more.


Option #3 - Non-Contract, Single Game Purchase

All Dirty Dog films are available for purchase with some minor provisions. If there is a game in our vault you want we can make a DVD for you for $40 per copy. Discounts are available for the purchase of multiple copies of the same game. Contact us for more details.


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