A Description of Dirty Dog Recruitment Videos

If you want to play at the next level it is critical that you are proactive and reach out to college coaches with a strong statement of who you are as a student-athlete. We customize each of our videos to showcase your unique set of skills. They are designed to perk a coach's interest to see more. Our videos can be posted on our YouTube channel or on a recruitment service's site of your choice.


The Introduction

The purpose of The Introduction is for the Student-Athlete to introduce himself or herself to the coach. It is intended to personalize the Video by giving the coach an opportunity to see your face and see how you present yourself. It also gives you an opportunity to use your voice to initiate a dialog with the coach about your desire to be recruited in his/her program. Run time is typically less than 30 seconds. We'll help you find what to say and help you present yourself in a relaxed, positive manner. Here's an example of one of our former clients.




Game Highlights

Game highlights are the key to any Recruitment Video andit is important to chose the right highlights. Too many players think the behind the back goal or "the big hit" is what will spark the coach's interest. Such images are fun, flashy and important but the college coach wants to see more. Coaches want to see complete plays, how you set-up, how your react, and how you respond to the results. At Dirty Dog we'll help you to review our extensive game library to find the best film showcasing your skills and knowledge. Each clip will have a "spotlight" on you allowing the coach to focus on what we want him/her to see -- namely you. Our highlight selection will leave the coach wanting to see more film. Here is a short compilation of Game Highlights from a couple former Dirty Dog clients.





Extended Game Tape

Coaches know that highlights don't show your all your abilities. Highlights are carefully selected plays that can hide errors on one hand and not showcase other aspects of your skills. Coaches want to see more extensive unedited playing time. Dirty Dog can satisfy this desire by providing unedited footage.


Your Recruitment Video is your resume to help you get into the program you desire. Dirty Dog's Recruitment Videos are designed to market your hard work and accomplishments. Our Video will present your skills in a positive, well-paced, interesting way intended to solicit a communication between you and the coach. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary support as you strive to get into the best collegiate program that fits your needs.



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